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Field Trips

Explore the Farm in the Spring



A strawberry field trip is an exciting and educational experience for children, where they get to explore a real strawberry farm and learn about the life cycle of strawberries. 


The first activity on the field trip is usually a lesson on the life cycle of strawberries. The children are guided through the early stages of strawberry plants, blossoming flowers, and finally, the growth of juicy strawberries. 


After the lesson, the children embark on an adventure through the strawberry fields. They are encouraged to pick and fill their buckets with ripe, plump strawberries. 


As part of the trip, tractor rides are often offered. The kids enjoy a bumpy, fun-filled ride around the farm, listening to interesting facts about the strawberries and the farm itself. Before leaving, the children are usually given activity books that are filled with fun, educational games, and puzzles related to strawberries. 

All field trips are ideal for Preschool through 3rd grade, though we welcome and can accommodate all ages.

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