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Following in the footsteps of Walter's father who worked the land since 1948, Walter and Cathy Earley continued the history of family farming by starting a u-pick berry farm. 


After retiring in 2007 as a Department of Agriculture Conservationist, Walter and Cathy decided to open a nursery with plants, shrubs and trees for home landscapes. During that time, the area was not in a rapid growth pace as it is today in Berkeley County so they changed the focus to growing food and started with strawberries.  Since then, the farm has expanded its strawberry acreage and added blueberries, blackberries, and produce.  


Walter and Cathy continue to assist with the farm in a variety of ways as they guide their daughter, Karen, and son-in-law ,Michael, to manage and run the farm.  As the 4th generation, Bryce and Brinkley, Karen and Michael's kids, enjoy working on the farm and visiting with customers throughout the seasons. On your next farm visit, you might even spot the family Boykin Spaniel, Maddie, begging for belly rubs.


In conclusion, we are dedicated to growing and promoting local products and helping families make memories along the way...



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